Treasures from the Earth



Ammonites are an extinct group of marine animals. The same event that wiped out dinosaurs was the end of this species, as well. Pyritized ammonite occurs when, during petrification, the ammonite’s organic material is replaced with pyrite, or iron disulfide more commonly known as ‘fool’s gold’. The result is a beautifully preserved and durable ammonite fossil.

Mabé pearls, also known as blister pearls ,are half-pearls that are cultivated on the inside of a mollusk’s shell. A small nucleus, usually made out of mother of pearl, is attached to the shell of the mollusk and left to accumulate nacre over a period that usually runs about two or three years.
Sparkling cabochons are surrounded by tiny glass beads to create a bezel. They are then sewn together with sterling spacers from Bali, and Austrian crystals. Toggle clasp. Backed with ultrasuede, for a comfortable fit.
19 1/2 “